Lesson 4
This fourth and final lesson continues looking at how you might get started with One-to-One Bible Reading. The goal of this lesson is to identify and overcome the challenges to inviting someone to read. You can watch the video online (above) or download it. Please note: this video is about 27 minutes and requires an additional 10-12 minutes of 'activity' embedded in the video (for a total of about 37-39 minutes).

Lesson 4: iPad/iPhone Video [mp4, 405mb]
Lesson 4: HD (1080p) Video [mp4, 1gb]

Here are some questions you might use to lead a discussion or activity on One-to-One Bible Reading. Please note: the 'activity' is embedded in the video.

Lesson 4: Discussion Questions [pdf, 44kb] 
Lesson 4: Activity [pdf, 50kb]
Additional versions of these materials and all course materials are available in the Downloads section.