What is It?

Can you think of people in your life that you would like to see progress spiritually—perhaps a non-Christian colleague, or a Christian friend at church, or a family member? What holds them back? Is there a way to help them understand more of God in a way that is simple and personal, and that doesn't rely on getting them to a church program or event.

All this is possible through One-to-One Bible Reading.

But, what is One-to-One Bible Reading? To put it succinctly, it is a variation on that most central Christian activity—reading the Bible—but done in the context of reading with someone. It is something a Christian does with another person, on a regular basis, for a mutually agreed upon length of time, with the intention of reading through and discussing a book or part of a book of the Bible. It is effective for evangelism. It is useful for discipleship. It is even helpful for training. But mostly...

It is strikingly simple.

Yet, maybe you are not ready to just get started. Maybe you lack confidence. Maybe you think you don't know enough about the Bible and somebody should be seeking you out to read. Maybe you don't see yet the amazing power of God's Word to transform lives, to convert the sinner, to grow the young, to secure the faithful.

Well, One-to-One Bible Reading is still for you. Reading the book will help you get started. And the online course on this website will help you to help others get started.