Lesson 2
This second lesson covers who One-to-One Bible Reading is really for. The goal of this lesson is to establish a few categories for thinking through people—whether non-Christians, new Christians, or Christians training for leadership—with whom you might read. You can watch the video online (above) or download it. Please note: this video is about 32 minutes and requires an additional 18-20 minutes of 'activity' embedded in the video (for a total of about 50 minutes).

Lesson 2: iPad/iPhone Video [mp4, 484mb]
Lesson 2: HD (1080p) Video [mp4, 1.2gb]

Here are some questions you might use to lead a discussion or activity on One-to-One Bible Reading. Please note: the 'activity' is embedded in the video.

Lesson 2: Discussion Questions [pdf, 44kb] 
Lesson 2: Activity [pdf, 46kb]
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